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Public reports


Court-appointed bankruptcy trustees and administrators in suspensions of payment report regularly to the supervisory judge. These reports are public. To obtain a public report, there is no necessity to send a notice to the Court. Public Reports can easily be requested by sending an E-mail to insolventie@edenswalinga.nl. To protect personal privacy, public reports concerning insolvencies of natural persons are distributed restrictively.


Submitting a claim


Creditors can submit their claim simply online:

1. Visit the website www.crediteurenlijst.nl.

2. Register as a creditor with secured Internet connection. Login data will be obtained to get access to your personal account.

3. Claims in bankruptcies or suspensions of payment are submitted by means of an online form. Supporting documents (or: evidence) can be uploaded.

4. From that, claims will be placed on the list of creditors. Immediately, you will receive an E-mail with the official conformation of the submitted claim.

5. Creditors will learn automatically as soon as possible (often immediately) by E-mail if liquidation distribution is expected. When submitting their claim online, the creditors receive (often immediately) an E-mail when liquidation distribution is not expected within the foreseeable future. In the Netherlands, creditors can try to reclaim their VAT payment at the Belastingdienst.

6. Automatic data processing reduces the expenses of the exertion and realization of bankruptcies and suspensions of payment. The cost savings increase the opportunity to accomplish liquidation distribution. Creditors with online submitted claims are informed by E-mail for possible liquidation distribution.

7. For individual creditors, the use of this online service is free of charge.

8. The processing of your personal data follows the Personal Data Protection Act.